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πŸ”΅ Intellipaat Python course:
In this Python tutorial video, you will learn what is Python, Python Features, hands-on: Python 2021, Data types in Python, dataTypes, conditional statements, what is Data Structures, Python Threading, what is NumPy, introduction to Matplotlib, Python Interview Question. This Python Programming Tutorial video is a must-watch video for everyone who wishes to learn python and make a career in it.

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00:00 – Python Programming
00:58 – What is Python?
02:25 – Is Python a New Language?
03:16 – Python Facts!
04:36 – Why learn Python?
07:19 – Artificial Intelligence
10:21 – Web Development
14:44 – Skills Needed
21:12 – Key Takeaways
22:36 – Demo
37:30 – Python 2021 Features
40:21 – Hands on: Python 2021
51:04 – Steps to get a job as a Python Developer
01:00:03 – Python Developer Resume
01:02:13 – Python Developer Roles & Responsibilities
01:03:56 – Python Developer Job Description
01:07:34 – Python Developer Salary
01:11:58 – Developer Roadmap
01:14:00 – Python Roadmap
01:18:44 – What makes a good Python Developer?
01:21:21 – Python Projects
01:22:56 – Introduction to Python, R and SAS
01:30:37 – Fields of Usage
01:35:00 – Applications of Python, R, and SAS
01:37:45 – Support & Community
01:39:17 – Job Scope
01:41:27 – Top 10 Reasons To Learn Python
02:00:25 – Installing Python on Windows
02:56:12 – Data Types in Python
03:56:19 – Hands-on: Loops
04:53:58 – What is a Linked List?
05:06:28 – Types of Linked List
05:33:19 – Operators in Python
05:46:48 – Python Datatypes
06:19:59 – Python: Flow Control
06:32:42 – Python: Function
06:45:56 – Python File Handling
07:01:33 – How to create a Numpy Array?
07:13:00 – Basics of Data Visualization
07:33:58 – Types of Programming Languages
07:58:09 – What is an IDE ?
08:04:12 – Demo
08:30:28 – How to Learn Seaborn?
08:56:03 – Building a Rest API in Python
09:33:05 – Questions on OOPS

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Q. Why Python programming is important?
Python is a highly popular object-oriented language that is fast to learn and easy to deploy. It can run on various systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac; this makes it highly coveted for the Data Analytics domain. Python’s design and libraries provide 10 times productivity compared to C, C++, or Java. A Senior Python Developer in the United States can earn $102,000 – Indeed

Q. Why should you opt for a Python career?

If you want to fast-track your career then you should strongly consider Python. The reason for this is that it is one of the fastest-growing and widely used programming languages. There is a huge demand for Python programmers. The salaries for Python programmers are very good. There is a huge growth opportunity in this domain as well. Hence this Intellipaat Python programming session is your stepping stone to a successful career!

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