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136. My guest is Richard Hundhausen, a former Microsoft MVP and Regional Director, Professional Scrum Trainer, and co-creator of the Nexus Scaled Professional Scrum Framework. As you’ll hear, Richard doesn’t have a background in Dynamics 365 or Power Platform, but he’s no stranger to developing apps on Microsoft technology.

In this episode, Richard talks about his experience working with Microsoft and how he got started with Scrum. Drawing from his over 30 years of software development experience and over 20 years of training experience, he also discusses the merits of big bang releases versus incremental releases, product thinking versus project thinking, and what’s next with Scrum.

Show Highlights

•  [06:07] Richard’s Scrum origin
• [13:55] Richard’s guidelines for helping a team decide when to adopt Scrum
• [20:56] On the interplay between Scrum and DevOps
• [26:06] How product owners can be successful
• [31:32] Big bang releases versus incremental releases
• [34:53] The origins of Nexus Scaled Scrum Framework
• [44:03] Where Scrum is headed next


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• “Larman’s Laws of Organizational Behavior” ( by Craig Larman
• “Role of Manager” ( by LeSS
• “Resurrecting the Much-Maligned Scrum of Scrums” ( by Charles Bradley
• “unSAFe at any speed” ( by Ken SchwaberSupport the show (

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