Power Platform governance at a global scale with Rene Modery – YouTube

121. What’s it like trying to manage 10 Microsoft 365 tenants with hundreds of environments, apps and citizen developers. Rene Modery, Power Platform Technical Lead shares his journey at global advertising company, WPP. 

• Managing ten Microsoft 365 tenants for a global company with hundreds of subsidiaries.
• Power Platform environment policies and other guard rails to help makers.
• How do you know what apps have already been built and what problems have already been solved within a large organisation so that makers don’t reinvent the wheel?
• Which data sources and connectors are proving to be the most popular in your Power Platform environments? SharePoint, Microsoft Lists, Excel, Azure SQL, Dataverse?
• Why Rene is not ready to ask makers to standardise on Dataverse quite yet.
• How the new Fluent UI controls will help app makers build apps that are better looking and more useful.
• If Rene could direct the Microsoft product teams to improve one thing, it would be…licensing!
• And he’d love to see some of the Center of Excellence features brought into the Power Platform Admin Center too.  
• And in person events are returning to the Power Platform user groups in Singapore.


• Rene Modery on Twitter (https://twitter.com/modery)
• Rene Modery on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/modery/)
• Rene’s book, Hands-On Microsoft Lists (https://modery.net/hands-on-microsoft-lists/)
• Singapore Power Platform User Group (https://powerusers.microsoft.com/t5/Singapore-Power-Platform-User/gh-p/pp_Singapore7835_usergroup) Support the show (https://buymeacoffee.com/amazingapps)

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Author: Neil Benson

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