{Power Platform & Dynamics 365 Dataverse Storage Capacity Allocation – Overage Enforcement}

Hello Everyone,

Today i am going to show how the storage capacity allocated in Dataverse.
So let’s gets started.
Brief discription about the dataverse storage capacity:
All tables of dataverse, including system tables are included in the storage capacity reports.

1) Storage Capacity Usage:
    – File & Database : Tables store in File and Database storage are Attachment, AnnotationBase, Any custom tables or OOTB tables with datatypes file or image(full size).
– Any table that is used by one or more installed Insights applications & end in analytics.
– WebresourceBase
– RibbonClientMetadataBase
2) Log: The following tables are used – AuditBase, PlugintraceBase.
3) Database Only: All other tables are counted for your database including the dataverse search index.
Storage Capacity by source:
  – Org(tenant) default: The default capacity given at the time of sign up.
  – User Licenses: Additional capacity added for every user licenses purchased.
  – Additional Storage: Any Additional storage you…

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Author: Malla Reddy Gurram

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