Power Platform at the heart of Scotland’s new recycling scheme – YouTube

#112. Dani Kahil interviews Paddy Byrne about the Power Platform’s role in enabling Scotland’s new recycling scheme for single-use drinking containers.

Scots people are famous for being careful with their money so I imagine any program to pay them for recycling containers was always going to be a big hit.

Learn about Paddy’s Power Platform team:

• Meeting public-sector’s accessibility and security requirements with a custom web portal rather than Power Apps Portals.
• Internal project team of a functional consultants, project manager/scrum master, and business analyst; and a client project team with an architect and testers.
• Challenges of using Scrum for the first time for two teams.
• How do you gather requirements for a brand new application with no users or processes?
• Dealing with the customer’s hands-off product owner.
• Working to a fixed-date release determined by government legislation.
• Handling requirements written by people that don’t have a lot of experience working with Power Platform applications.
• Using Miro to help refine the user stories and provide developers with visual understanding.
• Structuring requirements into epics, user stories and tasks in ad-hoc backlog refinement workshops.
• Testing within the sprint and releasing to a test environment for the internal portal development team to build on.
• Resolving schema changes during the development and managing the downstream impact on the portal developers.
• Fixing bugs in the application as they arrive in the product backlog.
• Creating FastTrack solution blueprints — is it a good idea for small projects?
• Value of setting expectations early and building a high performing team as soon as possible using Tuckman’s  forming-storming-norming-performing model of team development.
• Transparency and industry expertise of a passionate product owner.


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Author: Neil Benson

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