Patrick Zhao – Building highly scalable IoT solution for contact tracing on Azure – YouTube

“During the global pandemic, there has been emerging demand in smart contact tracing and workplace monitoring solutions. The requirement of this type of IoT solution lies in high availability, scalability and elasticity. A small flaw in the system architecture design could potentially result in a big difference in the performance in production especially when scale up and out.

There are lots of services and tools on Azure that can help us to build an IoT solution. In this talk, I will show the audience how I helped my client to architect and build a real-time data streaming and analytics solution which is used on smart devices for contact tracing and workplace monitoring.

My talk will cover Azure IoT Hub, Event Hub, Azure Function, Azure Stream Analytics. I will highlight on Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) with focus following aspects
1. ASA’s role as the brain for a real time data streaming and analytics solution
2. Different ways to bolt up ASA with other Azure services and form an entire efficient and scalable IoT solution
3. Development, benchmarking, DevOps and production monitoring for ASA
4. Some comparison between ASA and Azure Data bricks”


Author: Scottish Summit

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