Microsoft Business Application Partner with Hayden Stafford – YouTube

Listen to Hayden Stafford as he chats about Microsoft Business Application Partner and Citizens developers as well as opportunities available and things partners should do to become successful.

What You Will Learn:
✅ Family and Career background of Hayden – where he and his family lives and what’s his home city famous for
✅ The things he enjoys doing with his family during his spare time
✅ Hayden’s role and his responsibilities in Microsoft and its importance
✅ Hayden and his team’s mission and goal
✅ The opportunity for business to modernise, digitise and create a competitive advantage
✅ A discussion on what he sees around customer profile
✅ The things he does to make the new Power Platform licencing technology available to all
✅ Microsoft plans to achieve the 500 million apps that are going to get created in the next five years – according to Satya Nadella (Inspire)
✅ What thinking does the community need to change to achieve this?
✅ Opportunities available for people who are changing or switching careers
✅ Talks about how customers should be looking at the Power Platform from the Office 365
✅ Hayden’s thoughts on companies adopting the Power Platform and resources internal teams at present
✅ Shares examples in various industries where AI capability is being implemented
✅ For the FY20 what Business App partners should be focused on this financial
✅ What option Hayden sees for SMB Partner to play as they move forward
✅ Shares his opinion on what a modern Microsoft Business Application Partner looks like
✅ What should Microsoft Business Application Partner be doing to be successful?
✅ What should partners do to improve their chances of success?
✅ The role for the professional developer along with the IT professional in a world of low code applications for the citizen developer

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👉 Tools and weapons by Brad Smith

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