Luke Evans – Transitioning to PowerShell Core for Microsoft Teams Azure AD and S.P Online management – YouTube

“PowerShell has proven to be an absolutely essential tool for management, reporting and automation within Microsoft 365 for administrators, developers and architects alike. Unfortunately for some, the majority of the Microsoft 365 functionality has normally been limited to Windows based systems.

Thankfully this is all about to change for the better with advent of the multi-platform PowerShell Core, which is close to reaching feature parity with traditional PowerShell for Microsoft 365 environments – and more specifically for SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams.

Key Learning Points:

• What is PowerShell Core and why should it be important to me?
• How to get started with PowerShell Core to better manage and automate SharePoint Online, Azure AD and Microsoft Teams.
• Developing a high level road map to migrate from PowerShell to PowerShell Core across your existing code bases and solutions
• Key challenges and differences working with PowerShell Core vs PowerShell

Technologies in this session will be

PowerShell Core
Azure AD
Microsoft Teams
SharePoint Online”


Author: Scottish Summit

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