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#54. I’m joined by Dani Kahil ( , Microsoft Business Applications practice lead at Empired, who shares the story behind one of his client projects, Lives Lived Well.

• How the Lives Lived Well CRM project started with a review of the high-level requirements
• Adopting Scrum gradually during the course of the project
• The benefit of having a scrum master (or a project manager) who is familiar with Scrum
• Dani’s advice for Microsoft customers who are new to the product owner role
• Using a blend of partner and customer resources
• Challenges they had switching from Voice of the Customer to FormsPro
• Going live as the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia
• Pitching an agile approach to prospective clients
• Using Azure DevOps for product backlog management and managing test cases
• Dani’s requirements mastering and solution envisioning peer group
• The Amazing App show’s first review on Podchaser

Show Contacts

• Dani Kahil on LinkedIn (
• Empired (
• Lives Lived Well (
• Customery Academy students: Luis Guzman ( and Matt Baum (

Show Resources

• Dani Kahil’s blog (
• Dani Kahil’s Mastering Solution Envisioning peer group (
• Scrum for Microsoft Business Apps (
• Amazing Applications show on Podchaser ( Support the show (

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