Lisa Clark – How starting a podcast got me through a pandemic – YouTube

This won’t be a session on the best podcast set up, or how to pick the best platforms. It won’t be a session on how to get the most plays, subscribers and followers.

What it it will cover is my personal experience of how stepping out of my comfort zone helped me through the pandemic and opened doors to other opportunities. How putting myself out there and and engaging with the community online helped me find my place in tech as a non-techie.

I will of course cover what I did to get started. I didn’t have the best gear and I didn’t have a clue about audio, recording or how to start a podcast but I’ll show you that it’s super easy to get started and talk about why you shouldn’t let perfectionism hold you back.

I didn’t follow the rules of “finding a niche” and sticking to it, I didn’t create a plan, I just dived right in and I’ve eventually found my way. Motivation is the product of action and once you get started the ideas, motivation and momentum follow.

All of this helped me through 2020, I learned so much from my guests, I learned that I love to share people’s stories and that our industry needs all kinds of people to be successful and reach our potential.

So if you’ve had an idea, if you’ve been holding back then hopefully this session will inspire you to ‘Do the thing’ in the words of Dona Sarkar.


Author: Scottish Summit

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