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👉In this kafka spark streaming tutorial you will learn what is apache kafka, architecture of apache kafka & how to setup a kafka cluster, what is spark & it’s features, components of spark and hands on demo on integrating spark streaming with apache kafka and integrating spark flume with apache kafka.
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📝Following topics are covered in this video:
Why Kafka is Needed?
02:40 – How Kafka Solves these Problems?
03:27 – What is Kafka?
04:18 – Components of Kafka
05:50 – Kafka Architechture
11:10 – Single broker setup configuration and Kafka Demo
14:31 – What is Apache Spark?
15:02 – Features of Spark
15:45 – Industries that use Kafka
16:06 – RDDs in Spark
17:05 – Spark Components
18:54 – Spark Streaming
19:50 – Features of Spark Streaming
20:30 – Spak Streaming Workflow
20:52 – What is Kafka Integration
27:40 – Apache Flume
28:57 – Apache flume components
30:50 – What is an Event
32:04 – Understanding the Configurations
35:12 – Download and Setup Apache Flume
38:11 – Excercise on Apache Flume
48:35 – Kafka integration with Apache Flume

Why should you watch this Kafka tutorial?

Apache Kafka is a powerful distributed streaming platform for working with extremely huge volumes of data. An individual Kafka broker can manage hundreds of megabytes of read/write per second on large number of clients. It is highly scalable and has exceptionally high throughput making it ideal for enterprises working on Big Data problems involved in messaging systems.

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Author: Aprit Dixit

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