Julian Sharp on The MVP Show – YouTube


• A brief introduction about Julian Sharp’s life.  
• How Julian spends his time when not working before and during the COVID19 pandemic.  
• Talks about Julian’s involvement with Dynamics since CRM v1.0. 
• Julian shares his thoughts about the training and product certifications in the past two years.  
• Julian’s involvement in preparing for written exams.  
• A conversation about different ways and other sources of learning  
• The process and requirements involved on how to become MCT.  
• Listen to Julian’s story and his journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP.  
• Talks about Julian’s involvement in the MVP community and user group.  
• Learn more about Julian’s role and contributions to the community.  
• Speaking experience of Julian at an event.  
• Julian’s advice to people wanting to join and become a Microsoft MVP! 

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Author: NZ365Guy

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