ISV Partner and Microsoft with Ewan Dalton – YouTube

Ewan Dalton, the Partner Development Manager discusses the importance, goal and opportunities available in for ISV Partner and Microsoft. Join me on this episode of Power 365 Show!

What You Will Learn:
✅Ewan Dalton’s brief introduction about his life – lives in the UK, originally from Scotland
✅ Describes his hometown and the city he lives in
✅ What he does when he’s not working
✅ Talks about Ewan’s VintageWatchAdvisor
✅ Difference between the consumption model/AZURE and the monthly license in model around office 365 and the Power Platform
✅ Discusses his journey within Microsoft, his current role and what’s involved
✅ Shares his thoughts on things ISV needs to do to become successful
✅ Ewan’s recommendations for ISVs when it comes to building relationships with Microsoft seller
✅ The building blocks to becoming a successful ISV
✅ Discussion on ISV as a separate entity
✅ Introduction to ISV Connect Program and how people get involved with it
✅ Explains what and how co-selling works
✅ Difference between a customer community and partners community
✅ Discusses the opportunities visible to both customer community and partners community
✅ Ewan’s advice to ISV’s looking to partner with Microsoft
✅ Talks about the benefits people get from the new Microsoft Business Applications ISV Connect Program to make Microsoft partnership even more valuable
✅ SI’s transition to ISV business

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