Is Pre-Sales the Key to Power Platform Success? with Craig McGeough – YouTube

119. What’s the role of pre-sales in setting up Microsoft customers and partners for successful Dynamics 365 and Power Platform projects? Today’s guest is Craig McGeough, Power Platform Pre-Sales Consultant at Incremental Group.

Make sure you catch Craig’s session, More than “selling the dream”! Why Pre-Sales is the key to Power Platform success, at Scottish Summit on Friday, 9 June 2022. Register for free today at ( .

• What is pre-sales?
• Why do pre-sales consultants get paid soooo much?
• Do pre-sales consultants need a delivery or sales background?
• Industry specialisation in pre-sales
• The best thing about being a pre-sales consultant
• Keeping up-to-date with Power Platform enhancements
• Pre-sales and licensing expertise
• Microsoft Catalyst and Design Thinking as a pre-sales tool
• What’s the role of pre-sales consultants in project estimation?
• Should pre-sales consultants care about delivery capacity?
• Career growth for pre-sales consultants


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Author: Neil Benson

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