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This intellipaat tutorial will equip you with the skills needed to analyze machine-generated data using Splunk software. The Splunk Analytics will let you parse huge volumes of data. This course includes training in basic search, sharing and saving of results, creating tags and event types, generating reports, and charts creation.Learn to search, monitor and analyze machine-generated data through Splunk technology

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Course Overview :-
1. Splunk architecture and its use cases
2. Master Splunk syslog, syslog server and log analysis
3. Splunk search application
4. Splunk log management and Splunk cloud
5. Deploy Splunk enterprise security
6. Splunk visualization
7. Learn Splunk analytics and create Splunk reports and charts
8. Perform Splunk data analysis, calculation and formatting
9. Learn data enriching,Splunk monitoring and Splunk lookups

Click on the time-stamp below to move directly to the points you want to know-
0:10 Introduction Splunk
0:35 Demand Of Splunk
1:00 Why Intellipaat
1:20 Course content
1:39 Job assistance

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Who should go for this course?
● Software developers
● System administrators
● Analytics Managers who want to derive agile insights from data
● Beginners who want to get trained in Splunk software and analyze machine data

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Author: Aprit Dixit

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