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This intellipaat tutorial will help you be the expert in Big Data processing by learning the conceptual implementation of Apache Storm and Apache Spark using Scala Programming.This is a masters Course in Spark,Scala,Storm that is designed keeping in mind the industry requirements for high-speed processing of data. Taking this Training will fully equip you to take on the challenges in the Big Data Hadoop ecosystem in the real world regardless of industry vertical.
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This Spark Training Course includes learning the Apache Spark processing engine along with programming in the general-purpose language Scala as well as provide in depth knowledge of the Apache Storm computation system.
Course Overview :-
1. Spark and programming in Scala
2. Deploying high-speed processing on Big Data
3. Cluster deployment of Apache Spark
4. Python, Java and Scala applications in Apache Spark
5. Storm Architecture
6. Storm Topology, Logic Dynamics, and Components
7. Using Storm for real-time analytics

Click on the time-stamp below to move directly to the points you want to know-
0:26 Introduction Apache Spark
0:39 Introduction Apache Scala
0:45 Introduction Apache Storm
0:50 Demand Of Spark.Scala & Storm
1:34 Course content
2:00–job assistance

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Who should go for this course?
● Big Data professionals
● Data Scientists and Software Engineers
● ETL Developers and Data Analysts
● Those looking for a Big Data career

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