How To Update An Opportunity & Send An Email From Opportunity Close, Using MS Flows? (No Code) – YouTube

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In this video, I am showing ‘How to send an email with information from Opportunity Close form, using MS Flows?’. This flow will also help you to update opportunities from opportunity close form, it’s the same concept.

Many of you might know that using the native workflow functionality of Dynamics 365 you can’t achieve this; as ‘opportunity close’ is not in the entity list of workflows. Opportunity close is a type of activity and ‘Activities’ are also not available in the workflow entity list except for a few common one’s like calls, email, tasks, appointments etc.

Doesn’t matter, does it? 

With Microsoft Flows you can achieve this and you can do things like:

Send an email on opportunity close
Send an email on opportunity close with information from opportunity close form
Update an opportunity from opportunity close form
We used to do all this with a plugin earlier and now its so easy.

Hope it helps!

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Author: Prashant Shukla

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