How to turn on Tenant Isolation from Power Platform Admin Center

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Today i am going to share information on how to turn on “Tenant Isolation” on Power Platform Admin Center.
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What is Tenant Isolation ?
Tenant Isolation in terms of Power Platform Administrators can ensure that the connectors or Power Automate flows can be connected within the tenant while minimizing the risk of data expliotation outside the tenant.
Tenant Isolation can be used to block external tenants from establishing connections into your tenant (inbound isolation) as well as block your tenant from establishing connections to external connections to external tenants (outbound isolation)
Power Platform tenant isolation is different from Azure wide tenant doesn’t impact Azure AD based access outside of Power Platform.
Power Platform tenant isolation only works for connectors using Azure AD based authentication such as Office 365 Outlook or sharepoint.
There are three types of tenant isolations:
1. Inbound 
2. Outbound 
3. Inbound and Outbound



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Author: Malla Reddy Gurram

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