How to Create a New Dataverse Environment from Power Apps Maker Portal (Preview)?

Earlier we used to create a new Environment from Power Apps Admin Portal and now Microsoft has released a new Preview feature to create the Environment (Developer) from the Power Apps Maker Portal also in just 2 simple clicks.

Power Apps Developer environment comes with premium capabilities, without any additional cost. Developer environment is great place for you to build and run the apps with Dataverse in your own personal space, without restriction and then eventually share and deploy to production environments.

Follow the below steps for creating the Developer Environment from Power Apps Maker Portal.


  1. Click on the below article link and create a Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome Profile.

    Create a Profile in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

  2. Click on the below article link and follow till Step 18.

    Create Microsoft Power Apps 30 days Online Trial Version

Step 1: Copy and Paste the below link in the New Browser Profile and login Power Apps…

Source link

Author: Arun Potti

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