How to check the access on the Model Driven Apps for a User in Dynamics 365 CE online?

You might come across a situation where the users cannot be able to view or access a particular Model Driven App in an Environment.

For such access related issues or any other issue, there is a way to find the root cause of this problem.

Follow the below steps for the same.

Step 1: Login into Dynamics 365 CE online environment using your credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to your CE environment.

Step 3: Copy the Dynamics 365 Environment URL as shown below.

URL looks like the below.

Step 4: Append the below webresource string to the URL mentioned in the Step 3.


Final URL looks like the below.

Step 5: Browse the URL mentioned in the Step 4, in the same browser, where the Dynamics CE environment is already loaded.

Step 6: Provide the User Id or Email Address of the User and click on…

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Author: Arun Potti

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