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I started blogging so I can improve my writing skills as I am not a good writer and to show that it is okay not to be awesome. It’s about sharing what you know and allowing people to learn from it.

Know your Audience. In my case, I write blog content for ISVs and around my journey in learning the Power Platform.

In blogging, it is always safe to assume that readers don’t understand acronyms. So make it a habit of explaining what the acronym means. Using small words, not big, fancy, dictionary type words to make it easy for others to read my content. Clean it up using IT tools. Read on the know the IT tools that helped me on my blogging journey. Consistency in blogging is important – it comes down to putting those habits and those rhythms in place.

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I’m Mark Smith – nz365guy Helping people reach their full potential.

I have been a Microsoft Business Applications MVP for over six years. I am passionate about helping people reach their full potential, through training, coaching and mentorship.


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