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To become a Microsoft MVP, people should know who you are. They should receive the value you are producing and be able to recognize who you are and associate you with the contributions you made in the Microsoft Community.

Use your name, handle or alias consistently on all platforms where you contribute. Use the same profile picture across all platforms so people can identify you without a doubt.

Being in the Microsoft community is different from being a gamer. It is not about coming up with the craziest name to identify your amazing personality and they have no idea who you are.

It is harder if you got some random handle or alias that is different in each location for people to get a consistent view of who you are and your contributions in the community.
It is about building engagement. It is around having a conversation, as we converse together we all learn.

Being known in the Microsoft Community is not creating content but also understanding what other people are doing and providing relevant feedback.

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