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In this video on Google Cloud Platform Certification video, you will learn the following topics, Introduction to Google Cloud Platform along with a wide range of topics such as why use Google Cloud Platform, What is Cloud Computing?, Why GCP?, Google Cloud Platform Services, CGCP Core Infrastructure, and VM Instance on Google Cloud Platform, etc. There are many MNCs that have their data stored on the Google Cloud Platform. Lastly, Google Cloud interview questions make your interview ready.

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00:00 – Google Cloud Platform
02:12 – What is Cloud Computing?
03:08 – Types of Cloud Computing
04:06 – Service Models
05:33 – Deployment Models
06:45 – Various Cloud Providers
16:20 – Big Data Services
01:35:45 – Features of Google Cloud Platform
02:20:55 – Access GCP
03:21:15 – Typical VPN Setup
03:22:33 – Cloud VPN
03:47:18 – Static Route
03:55:55 – Cloud Router
04:14:25 – Cloud Interconnect
04:19:40 – Cloud IAM
04:22:16 – Types of identities in Google Cloud
05:05:23 – Policy & Bindings
05:55:30 – Multiple options to work with Machine Learning in GCP
06:12:20 – Cloud Speech-to-Text API
06:23:40 – Stackdriver
07:06:58 – Stackdriver Error Reporting
07:10:26 – Cloud Interview Questions

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