Garry Trinder – Manage your tenant and SPFx projects with ‘CLI for Microsoft 365’ – YouTube

A common challenge when managing your Microsoft 365 tenant is managing the wide number of PowerShell modules available to manage each service, which are independant modules, that don’t work together and that are tied to the Windows OS.

‘CLI for Microsoft 365’ is an open-source, community built, cross-platform CLI makes it easier for administrators and developers to manage their Microsoft 365 tenant on any platform, through a single install and a unified login giving access to all Microsoft 365 workloads.

In this session, you will learn

  • How to install the ‘CLI for Microsoft 365’
  • How to connect to your Microsoft 365 tenant
  • How to execute commands on different shells such as bash & PowerShell
  • How to upgrade your SharePoint Framework (SPFx) projects
  • How you can help contribute to the open-source project


Author: Scottish Summit

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