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? Intellipaat Full Stack Development course: https://intellipaat.com/full-stack-web-developer-mean-stack-certification-training/
In this video on Full Stack Web Development Course, you will learn what is Full Stack development, HTML, JavaScript, ReactJS , NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, Hands-on : Creating Full Stack Application like Netflix, How to Build a Website from scratch, How to become a Web Developer, Web Development Interview Questions and Answers. This is a must watch video for everyone who wish to learn web development and make a career in it.

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?Following topics are covered in this video
00:00 – Full Stack Web Development Course
08:19 – What is HTML?
35:50 – Types of Elements
01:17:41 – Form Elements
01:37:22 – Introduction to HTML 5
01:47:47 – General Changes
01:55:07 – New APIs in HTML 5
02:19:15 – Form Inputs API
03:26:20 – Why CSS?
03:38:52 – What is Java Script
04:08:07 – JS ECMA Script 6
06:27:12 – what is NodeJS?
07:00:50 – What is Express JS?
07:07:05 – Why Mongo DB?
07:45:42 – Netflix Recommendation Overview
08:40:27 – Did you know?
08:41:57 – Introduction to Web development
09:22:21 – Interview Questions and Answer

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