First 2023 Tech Trump Card – Stuart Baxter!

Tech Trump Card release

Stuart Baxter's Tech Trump Card standing majestically


Look at that majestic-looking Tech Trump Card above…↟ Yes this was all created on PowerPoint from scratch! I’ll show you how soon.

I…am excited to introduce to you, the first Tech Trump Card of 2023 and the star of this post: ,Mr Stuart Baxter!!

Stuart has been regularly blogging about the new and upcoming features in Power Platform, and his posts are…

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First 2023 Tech Trump Card – Stuart Baxter!

See the release of 2023’s first Tech Trump Card – Stuart Baxter! Get to know him a little better by reading through his mini interview which is sat on the platform that is Laura Webb’s portfolio website! Find out how Stuart fell into the tech industry, what his favourite feature is in Power Platform and what he would title his autobiography.

Blog Syndicated with Laura Webb’s Permission

Author: Laura Webb

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