EY’s PowerPost reduces lead times by 95% – YouTube

#125. In this episode of Amazing Applications, Emil Hovgaard and Sheelan Bhana of EY Nordic Tech Hub share the story behind EY’s PowerPost application and how it has made the General Ledger posting process easier and faster for the EY organization. 

• Emil’s background and his role at the EY organization
• Sheelan’s background and his role at the EY organization
• Emil’s favorite Microsoft application
• Sheelan’s favorite Microsoft application
• What Emil did during his time in the EY strategy team in Australia
• The internal purpose of the EY organization
• The business challenge that Emil’s team had to solve that led to the creation of the PowerPost application
• The approach that Emil and his team took in building the PowerPost application
• Sheelan talks about connecting to SAP from a Power Platform application and the challenges that came with that
• What the PowerPost project team looked like
• Emil’s definition of a Fusion team
• Sheelan’s experience working with Fusion developers
• What drove members of the EY Global Finance and ERP teams to support the creation of the PowerPost application?
• How Sheelan and the team gathered requirements
• The tools that Sheelan and the team used in building the PowerPost application
• The testing approach that Sheelan and the team used
• How long did the PowerPost project take?
• The challenges that Sheelan and the team faced during the course of the PowerPost project
• How did Emil and his team approach user interface design?
• How Nordic Tech Hub is responding to the possibility of users demanding more from Microsoft business applications
• The results that EY managed to achieve using the PowerPost application
• What’s next for Nordic Tech Hub?


• EY helps enable entry at source for a global finance process with Power Platform, reducing lead times by 95 percent (https://customers.microsoft.com/en-us/story/1517917618455612643-eyzilla-professionalservices) on Microsoft Customer Stories.
• Emil Hovegaard (https://www.linkedin.com/in/emilhovgaard/) on LinkedIn 
• Sheelan Bhana (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sheelan-bhana-a9a6b950/) on LinkedInSupport the show (https://buymeacoffee.com/amazingapps)

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Author: Neil Benson

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