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Originally posted: Jan 1, 2018
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Dynamics 365 Adoption

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In This Episode

What is user adoption and change management?
Faris Alkhaldy asks “What is it? And what is it all about?”
The role of formal adoption methodologies such as Prosci
Formal training programs available
Why is adoption still such a common problem or complaint with CRM
Janet Robb asks “What is the cost to a project where user adoption fails?”
Common mistakes/pitfalls to avoid
Adoption when staff are forced to use technology such as call centres or in retail environments
What should IT or consultants do differently during implementation
Top-down approach or a grassroots approach
Iain Wicks asks “What’s the best, carrot or stick?”
Bad advice about adoption
Features of Dynamics 365 that can help drive adoption
Santosh Jahagirdar asks “In a CRM rollout that also includes channel partners (like dealers, distributors, retailers) – what are some of the best practices, gotchas around adoption & on-boarding of such indirect employees?”
Scott Millwood asks – “What is broken with CRM? There are still many, many more users that dislike using their corporate mandated CRM than users that say they LOVE CRM and can’t live without it. “Adoption” is fuzzy. Usage can be measured. What is the best usage metric that indicates true adoption, i.e. routine usage? What is the ONE thing that should be addressed with the product that could make it a LOVE to use vs a FORCED to use the product? (And yes there are many ways to patch it up with solid implementation services delivery, change management, etc. but I am genuinely interested in fundamental product level changes that should be addressed by Microsoft or ISVs.)”
Janet Robb asks – “Why is it important to have a user adoption expert as part of an enterprise CRM project?”
Neil Parkhurst asks – “You are trying to implement Dynamics 365 into a team of field sales guys. They see little benefit in the data they need to collect as it is “just” for the managers. So, they see CRM as purely an admin overhead they don’t want. What are the top product features you’d train to help change this opinion?”
Questions from Andre Margono

“How do you manage resistance are there any tips and tricks?”
“How do you decide the right training and/or methodology to support smooth adoption?”
“Are there any toolsets to assist in delivering and managing change management?”

Neil Benson asks – “For teams using an agile framework or a slick DevOps process we have the ability to release an update to production every week or even every day. How do we help users embrace daily changes to their Dynamics 365 apps?”
Shawn Tabor asks – “What’s better for user adoption overall…implementing a known legacy process or providing effective organizational change management to introduce a new paradigm (assuming the change is an improvement long term)?”
Rick Chamberlain – “CRM has many audiences it needs to serve. My experience has shown that marketing and sales are rarely in alignment until you ask them about the administration department. In that case, both will agree that they are “sales prevention”. How do you present the value proposition to each audience so they not only use the system but also play nice in the sandbox with the others?”

After hundreds of CRM implementations, Gretchen has seen it all, Success, Failure, Success that turns into failure over time…and of course, lasting change that brings you results and growth.

Whether it’s strategy, process, solution design, governance, or change management, she adds enormous value by bringing ideas, creating strategies, and executing plans. This is how she helps organizations get transformation done and get results.

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