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In this Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers you will learn the latest and top questions asked by companies for Digital Marketing interview. This Digital Marketing Interview Questions & Answers video covers all kinds of questions starting from basic to advanced questions so that you can get benefited. We can assure you that if you watch this Digital Marketing interview preparation video completely you can crack any Digital Marketing job interview easily.
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👉Following topics are covered in this video:
00:00 – Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers
01:20 – Briefly explain Digital Marketing
02:16 – Types of Digital Marketing
03:02 – SEO in brief
04:07 – Top 5 ways to increase traffic to any website
05:23 – What are keywords? Why are keywords important?
06:34 – Where can keywords be used?
07:27 – Two ways of categorizing Digital Marketing
08:51 – Tools in Digital Marketing
09:41 – What is PPC advertising?
10:50 – What is Black hat SEO?
12:23 – What is White hat SEO?
13:16 – What is Grey hat SEO
14:29 – Improve conversion rates
15:33 – What is Google AdWords
16:38 – Difference between SCM and in brief
17:46 – Popular social media channels in digital marketing
18:48 – Why is digital marketing growing
20:46 – What is AMP
21:46 – Impact of social media marketing
22:49 – Why is email marketing most effective
23:28 – What is click-through rate?
24:17 – How is ROI I calculated
25:17 – What are the differences between page sessions and page views
25:45 – What is the difference between Google AdSense and AdWords
26:40 – Your interest in the field of digital marketing
27:30 – Difference between do-follow and no-follow links in SEO
28:28 – YouTube for marketing
29:40 – Platform for job-related ads
30:35 – How to measure the success of a social media campaign
31:43 – Anchor tag in SEO
32:40 – Disadvantages of digital marketing
34:00 – Character limitation in Google AdWords
34:47 – 5 email marketing tools
35:29 – Life cycle offer shopper
36:46 – Bidding options that are available
37:25 – Top five C’s of digital marketing
38:20 – Can digital marketing completely replace traditional marketing?
39:19 – Rate your proficiency in digital marketing out of 10
40:19 – Why are you applying for Digital Marketing in our company
41:16 – Has your prior education helped you in digital marketing in any way?
42:15 – How can we create new leads for the marketing pipeline?
43:16 – What are the latest trends in digital marketing?
44:38 – What is viral marketing?
46:02 – On-page and off-page SEO
46:49 – Scenarios where bad links are used
47:40 – What are the necessary steps to be taken to avoid rank penalty?
48:43 – What is your plan after joining for this digital marketing role?
49:42 – Do you have any previous experience in the digital marketing industry?
50:43 – Any other skills that can add value?
51:42 – Any certifications to improve learning and implementation?

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