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šŸ”µ Intellipaat Digital Marketing course with SPJIMR:
In this Digital Marketing Full Course for Beginners video, you will learn what is marketing in detail, the concept of 5Cs, SWOT analysis, brief explanation of consumer behavior, consumer market, cultural, social factors, family life cycle stages, what is digital marketing, SEO, Social media marketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, how to earn through Digital Marketing, how to make a career in digital marketing, Digital Marketing interview questions. This digital marketing tutorial video is a must-watch for everyone who wishes to learn digital marketing and make a career in it.

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00:00 – Introduction
02:05 – What is Marketing?
04:03 – Marketing Myopia
09:12 – Marketing Strategy
18:15 – Important to think through the 5Cā€™s
23:53 – Understanding own Company – SWOT
34:12 – Assessing growth opportunities
44:18 – Who are consumers?
54:02 – Consumer behavior
58:19 – Are Consumers Rational?
01:06:21 – Consumer decision making
01:13:21 – Compensatory vs Non-Compensatory
01:17:40 – Stages in consumer decision making
01:21:58 – Alternatives for evaluation
01:26:16 – Purchase
01:26:32 – FedEx Makeover
01:30:34 – Cultural factors
01:49:57 – Social Factors
02:06:03 – Family life cycle stages
02:09:17 – Price and Value
02:22:12 – psychological factors
02:32:57 – Exposure
02:50:10 – Social media landscape
03:05:15 – Social media marketing strategy
03:16:00 – Facebook Marketing
03:41:51 – Instagram marketing strategy
04:02:18 – What is Twitter?
04:33:27 – ORM
04:46:24 – Demo/Product Videos
04:48:28 – Brand videos
04:49:50 – Start with your video goals
05:00:00 – Video platforms
05:29:24 – TrueView Ads
05:46:40 – What is SEO?
06:01:40 – Why use SEO for your business?
06:14:45 – Crawling, Indexing & Ranking
06:21:21 – SEO Audit
06:41:27 – Search engine commands
06:52:13 – Domain information
07:01:54 – Domain Canonicalization
07:06:12 – XML Sitemap
07:19:06 – Robots.txt
08:08:33 – Keyword analysis
08:53:50 – Anchor Text
09:00:00 – Creating Search engine friendly URL
09:17:27 – On-page optimization using WordPress based website
09:35:44 – Email marketing efficient
09:49:43 – How to compose a great email?
09:51:52 – Two ways to earn via Digital marketing
10:09:47 – Websites for Freelancing
10:11:07 – Digital marketing interview questions
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šŸ”µ Why should you learn a digital marketing course?

Today, businesses have no option but to hop on the digital bandwagon. This makes the roles of Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, and Analytics professionals critical to the success of these digital enterprises. The digital marketing course gives you complete proficiency to work in the Digital Marketing domain of any global enterprise for top salaries.

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