D365FinOps 10 Tips in 10 Minutes – Quick Tips in Microsoft Business Applications – EP7 – YouTube

I have a special guest Julia Simpson joining with me and she shows 10 tips in 10 minutes with D365 FinOps in this episode.

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  2. Exporting to excel
  3. Filtering with wildcard *
  4. Filtering with wildcard ..
  5. Today’s date using D
  6. Math functions inside field
  7. Skip tab for selected field
  8. Distribute amount for non stock Items / Procurement category purchases
  9. Tips on Tiles
  10. Document preview / use print management

If you have missed my previous episodes in this series you can find it below link from my blog.


If you like to see Julia’s blog you can find it in below link.



Author: Kasun Pathirana

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