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I’ve loved ClickDimensions for a long time, at least 10 years. I’ve used it as a Marketing Manager and taken the exams to become ClickDimensions Certified. In short, I think it’s an awesome product, and one I recommend any organization review to see if it’s right for their business. That being said, although the solution might be right, the standard processes might not always fit each business model.

I recently encountered a situation with a client using ClickDimensions. When a form on their website is completed, the standard process checks to see if the email address submitted already exists on a lead or contact in the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (D365CE) environment. If it does, the posted form created will be linked to that record. If it doesn’t, a new record will be created; either a lead or a contact depending on the settings on the web form.

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Author: Megan V. Walker

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