Cloud With Chris Weekly Technology Vlog #4 (JamStack + Cloud, Upcoming Talks and Tech News) – YouTube

In this video, Chris updates on Cloud With Chris from the last week, and how you can keep up to date with all the upcoming content (Spoiler: It’s growing, including the talks outside of the channel!). Are you in the Thames Valley area, or even further afield? Then you may want to tune in to find out more about Azure Thames Valley and our upcoming sessions. And just for good measure, we do some Azure, Azure DevOps and GitHub updates as well!

00:00 – Introduction
00:25 – Last week Recap
00:45 – JAMStack and Cloud
01:30 – MSHowTo Show
02:12 – Gatekeeper & Valet Key Patterns
02:45 – Upcoming week
03:00 – Upcoming Blog – My PC Build
04:00 – Health Endpoint Monitoring Pattern
04:35 – Upcoming Sessions – Azureish Live, JonnyChipz, Squared Up (Application Observability in a Distributed World), Limerick Dotnet Azure User Group, MSHowTo Show part 2
06:45 – Azure Thames Valley Update
09:30 – Azure Updates
15:50 – Azure DevOps Updates & Azure DevOps Blog
20:15 – GitHub Updates – Best of Changelog 2020 Edition
21:35 – Outro & Recap

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Author: Chris Reddington

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