CDP and the Purpose of using Customer Insights with Oli Ward – YouTube


• Oli Ward’s life, educational and career background.  
• Discussions about Oli’s journey within Microsoft and with Customer Insights?  
• What does Oli’s current role involve?  
• What skills do people need to succeed in Pre-Sales?  
• What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?  
• The benefits of using a CDP app, and what makes a CDP different?  
• What is the difference between a CDP and CRM?  
• What is Customer Insights, and what is its purpose?  
• How do you enable AI in Dynamics 365 customer insights?  
• What Is Master Data Management, and how is it related to CDP?  
• How MDM and CDP work together?  
• The importance of MDM?  
• What MDM does?  
• What level of expertise should people have before engaging in customer Insights?  
• Has Covid19 affected the demand for CI?  
• An overview of what Microsoft Synapse is.  
• Talks about Microsoft Synapse and how does it work with Customer Insights?  
• The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on your customers and in business? 

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