Callum Whyte – From zero to community hero – YouTube

Want to get more involved in your community but don’t know where to start? Want to take your contributions to the next level?

This session will help you harness your community super-powers, whether you’re just getting started or want to take your contributions to the next level, using it to advance your career and grow as both a person and a developer.

Growing from a passive community member a few years ago, to speaking at 25+ events all over the world last year, organising events and becoming a Microsoft MVP, Callum knows first-hand the impact being involved can have on yourself and others.

Callum will share his tips for convincing your boss of the value, funding your global travels, and most importantly discovering the right balance between work and family to avoid burnout.

We’ll look at the “human” side of community, the importance of keeping contributions sustainable – avoiding fatigue and burnout, and ways we can all share the responsibility for improving diversity.

We’ll discuss the many different flavours of community beyond coding – including ways for people who aren’t developers to get involved – and how convincing others to share more is vital for communities to grow.


Author: Scottish Summit

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