Building a CRM App for Financial Advisors with Stephen Handley, Fin365 – YouTube

#90. Join me with Stephen Handley,founder, CEO and chief architect at Fin365, an application development business serving financial services professionals in Australia. Fin365 was born out of need for better data management practice management platform that Stephen identified in his own financial planning business.

Our discussion covers:

• How Stephen’s background of being a software developer and a financial adviser could be the perfect blend of expertise for his application development business.  
• What led to the choice of Microsoft Dynamics over Salesforce or Zoho or others?
• How a product from the heavily regulated Australian financial services industry can be adapted for other international markets and their regulations.
• What it is like selling a product to the financial industry which is under so much transformation.
• Advice to startups thinking about or who already started developing on the Microsoft Power Platform.


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Author: Neil Benson

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