Bonus: Extended Interview with Marc Schweigert – YouTube

#83. Bonus extended interview with Marc Schweigert,  principal program manager on the Power Customer Advisory Team at Microsoft as we talk about Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) approaches suited to novices and citizen developers through to professional developers. 

In this bonus extended interview, I ask Marc 10 rapid-fire “would you rather” questions:

  1. Drink Australian wine or Australian beer?
  2. Use Scrum or SureStep?
  3. Include comments in your code or write unambiguous code?
  4. Call it a table or an entity?
  5. Ship a managed or unmanaged solution into production?
  6. Offer users a Choices field or a Lookup?
  7. Automate something in a flow or a LogicApp?
  8. Have one instance per dev or a shared development instance?
  9. Use Azure DevOps or GitHub?
    1. Include a canvas app or a PCF control in a model-driven app?

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Author: Neil Benson

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