Ana Inés Urrutia de Souza on The MVP Show – YouTube


• Ana Inés Urrutia de Souza talks about what she does during her free time.  
• How does COVID 19 impact Ana’s life?  
• Talks about Ana’s Pilot License – what made her decide to get this license.  
• A conversation about Ana’s career background   
• Interesting career switching story of Ana.  
• Projects Ana is working on, and what’s her involvement?   
• The challenges Ana is facing working in a different time zone.  
• Ana’s recommendations or tips to people working in different time zones.  
• A discussion about Ana’s journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP.  
• How Ana’s nomination happened  
• Dynamics 365 Human Resources integration with LinkedIn Talent Hub  
• The changes happened in Dynamics 365 HR functionality  
• Recommendations to people wanting to become Microsoft MVP.   
• Talks about the Business Applications community in Uruguay. 

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Author: NZ365Guy

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