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Welcome to another Friday update! The week’s are fair flying in, here we are at the end of April!

It’s been a fairly quiet week for Azure news, but this week I’ve taken the opportunity to share what there is and also highly some awesome news from the team over at Jabra around the new video bar and personal webcam that they announced this week.

I also take the chance to share where my head is at the moment in regards to social media, and how I’m trying to distance myself from the negative part of it and focus on being a technical expert in my field and not a social media influencer. Focussing on what makes me happy. 😊

📝 Chapters
0:00 Introduction
0:18 Welcome to this update
0:50 Where am I today
1:21 Bring your own encryption key to Azure Backup
2:42 Jabra News
3:40 New Jabra video conferencing units
3:55 Jabra Panacast 50
5:00 Jabra Panacast 20
7:20 Still building presentations
9:28 Social media negativity
12:12 Focussing on stuff I enjoy

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