Understanding Angular Metadata | Angular Tutorial – YouTube

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  1. Angular Tutorial for Beginners (Course Overview) https://youtu.be/JzYiIOap3mM
  2. Introduction to Angular https://youtu.be/11IuoZXtSJc
  3. Angular History https://youtu.be/WILr49loJDk
  4. Angular Version History https://youtu.be/uW_hOJJ4J5g
    5.Angular1 vs Angular2 https://youtu.be/Xejofco_4WQ
  5. Installing Node.JS and Angular CLI https://youtu.be/6qy9HbT12gY
  6. Installing Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code https://youtu.be/1u7qFKCxSD0
  7. Useful VS Extensions for Angular Development https://youtu.be/CvMgcMNpy2s
  8. Introduction to CLI https://youtu.be/dZzAmPSEqbY
  9. Creating New Project – ng new https://youtu.be/-7CjmVoHToo
  10. Building Project – ng build and ng serve https://youtu.be/B2WgrieDSsQ
  11. Angular CLI Commands and Options https://youtu.be/iYDzAI1sBb4
  12. Using Visual Studio IDE https://youtu.be/vVi6DN77Hik
  13. Understanding Angular folder Structure https://youtu.be/UI3zGK39ZIY

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Author: Sourav Raj

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