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The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) bought you such fan favourites like Kubernetes & Prometheus. In this talk Annie Talvasto will introduce you the most interesting and coolest upcoming CNCF tools and projects.

This compact and demo-filled talk will give you ideas and inspiration that you can 1) discover new technologies and tools to use in your future projects as well as 2) be the coolest kid in the block, by being up to date with the latest and greatest.

00:00 – Episode Context
00:22 – Introduction
01:18 – Introducing Annie Talvasto
02:10 – Cloud Native is more than Kubernetes
04:20 – CNCF – Sandbox, Incubating and Graduated Projects
10:00 – These projects are open source… how can you help?
12:10 – CNCF Graduated Project – Helm
17:00 – CNCF Sandbox Project – Artifact Hub
18:30 – Recap: CNCF – Sandbox, Incubating and Graduated Project, as well as the process to move between
23:45 – CNCF Incubating Project – Linkerd
29:30 – CNCF Sandbox Project – KUDO
33:50 – CNCF Sandbox Project – KEDA
40:00 – Wrap-up

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Author: Chris Reddington

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