Top MVC 5 Interview Questions & Answers in 2020 [Updated] | MVC 5 Interview Q&A for Beginners – YouTube

πŸ‘‹ This is part1 of the series. Here, you will learn what questions could be asked to you and how to answer them more effectively in your ASP.NET MVC5 Interview.

πŸ‘‰ What you will learn: πŸ‘ˆ
βœ… MVC Pattern Q&A
βœ… Introduction to ASP.NET MVC Q&A
βœ… Model and Views Q&A
βœ… Controller and Actions Q&A
βœ… View Engine and Razor Q&A

βœ… Routing Q&A


MVC Pattern Q&A

00:56 – What is MVC?
02:02 – How MVC pattern Arrange an application?
05:55 – How MVC Pattern Works?
07:17 – What is the Difference between Layer and Tier?
09:13 – What is the Difference Between MVC and 3- tier?
10:30 – What is the difference between design patterns and Architectural Pattern?

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC Q&A

12:15 – What is MVC?
13:15 – How Many Asp.Net MVC Versions Have Released?
15:20 – How Asp.Net MVC is different from webforms?
20:45 – What are the advantage of ASP.NET MVC?

Model and Views Q&A:

23:35 – What is Model?
24:19 – What is View?
25:41 – What are different types of Views?
28:49 – What are Different types of Partial Views?
29;49 – What are the methods to render partial Views?

Controller and Actions Q&A:

32:00 – What is Controller?
33:00 – What is action method and how they are different from regular methods?
35:07 – What are the different types of actions Results?

View Engine and Razor Q&A:

38:11 – What is View Engine?
39:16 – What is Razor?
40:45 – What is difference between Razor & Webforms?
43:53 – How to make a Custom View Engine

Routing Q&A:

46:44 – What is Routing?
47:42 – How Routing Works ?
48:58 – What are the different types of Routing?
49:36 – How Convention Based Routing Works?
52:10 – How to define Attribute Routing?
54:25 – What are route constraints?
55:15 – When to use Attribute Routing?
56:30 – How Routing is different from URL Rewriting?

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