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** Top 5 reasons to learn Microservices? **

Reason 1: Follow Single SRP Principle
– Microservice is a small unit that has only one responsibility or single logic which solve a specific problem like Authentication, Order Management.

Reason 2: Highly Independent
– Microservices are helpful to create highly independent services which persist its data itself. This is a need of enterprise-grade application like Netflix, Amazon.

Reason 3: Highly Scalable and Automated
– Microservices are designed for high scalability and automation where you can provide the frequent releases of your software components without impacting others.

Reason 4: Platform Independent
– Microservices are platform-independent, all services don’t need to share the same technology stack, libraries, or frameworks.

Reason 5: High Paying Job
– Microservices app developer got a high salary as compared to the monolithic app developer. Microservices architecture is used by top companies in the world like Netflix, PayPal, Twitter, Amazon etc.

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Author: Sourav Raj

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