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Trying to move your organization to modern, mobile platforms like the Power platform, but weighed down by process that use paper and PDF forms? If you work in or with the government, you’re likely surrounded by paper and PDF forms: GSA has 800 electronic forms, DoD has 100,000. Rebuilding hundreds or thousands forms in a modern system isn’t always practical, in this session we’ll build a system that uses them to provide modern approvals for your organization.

In this demo I’ll use a broad set of Power platform technology to create an end-to-end forms collection, approval and tracking system that’s integrated with a legacy system. In it I set up a forms collection system in a Model Driven App. This system processes paper Tweet request forms, evaluates the sentiment of the tweet and either sends it for approval or tweets it outright. It also sends the data to an on premise (legacy) database.

It will use:
• AI Builder + Canvas Apps: Process scanned images of paper forms
• AI Builder + Flow: Bulk process images of paper forms
• PowerApps Portals: Create web forms for highly used forms
• Flow: Use an email inbox to collect completed forms for processing
• Flow: Bulk collect PDF forms in SharePoint

At the end of this session we’ll have a single system for all form data that can:
• Create modern forms
• Use AI to process form images
• Collect PDF forms via web portal and email
• Act as a central forms portal

The PDFs and scanned forms I used are here: https://github.com/mostness/FormProcessing

Details on using AI Builder Forms Processing in Flow are here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/ai-builder/form-processing-model-in-flow


Author: Phil Topness

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