Show 68 – part 1: Power Platform updates and end of a Microsoft era

This week, Kevin, Al and Luise were joined by Emily Mancini to talk about the latest news with Power Platform updates, great eBooks about Viva via Mark Rackley, new devices (with live demos!) and the end of an era in Microsoft related journalism as Mary Jo Foley leaves ZDNet after 16 years. This led to a slightly diverted chat about what we were up to 16 years ago – can you guess?


Power Platform Oct 2022 Updates –

Viva eBook –

Viva Admin features

 The Presenter + and Microsoft Audio Dock

Sara Fennah’s Presenter+ review

 End of an era for Mary Jo Foley


Garry keynoting FinJS London –

 Viva Explorers Day

 M365 Chicago Microsoft 365 Chicago Virtual Event (



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