Show 65 – Part 2: Making life easier with SharePoint Syntex

Newly minted MVP Leon Armston joins us to chat about all things SharePoint Syntex, covering what it is, what you need to use it and some real life scenarios that Leon has used.

Leon's Blog
SharePoint Syntex | Microsoft 365

Automate document generation with SharePoint Syntex and Power Automate (preview) – SharePoint Syntex | Microsoft Docs

 Licensing for SharePoint Syntex – SharePoint Syntex | Microsoft Docs

SharePoint Syntex Adoption – Microsoft Adoption

AI Builder Calculator | Microsoft Power Apps

Regex generator – GPT Crush – Demos of OpenAI's GPT-3

(6) LinkedIn – James Eccles

Get started with SharePoint Syntex – Learn | Microsoft Docs

SharePoint look book (

PnP Syntex Samples

Syntex Roadmap

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

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