Show 44 – Live from South Coast Summit 2021

A slightly different show today as Al and Kevin came live from above the South Coast Summit expo floor to record with a few guests. The sound isn't the greatest this time but the content is fantastic as we had Alison Mulligan, Luke Evans, Zoe Wilson and Mark Christie sharing with us what their dream conference would be. Find out who wants Satya Nadella speaking, who likes to get hands on with hardware and who would love it to be a giant festival.

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Finally a huge huge huge thank you to the conference organisers Aaron Rendell and Nathan Sweeney – no-one would have believed it was the first big event they had put on. So impressive and they've both earned a well deserved rest.

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Blog Syndicated with Alison Mulligan, Luke Evans, Zoe WIlson, Mark Christie’s Permission

Author: greyhatbeard

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