Show 43 – Part 2: Our picks for South Coast Summit

For this show, we decided to heavily borrow from Office365Distilled's show about Commsverse and share the sessions that we are excited to watch at the South Coast Summit. Al and Kevin picked a few of the talks that caught our interest or that we know how amazing the people can be.

Burnout Begone as a Service – Dona Sarkar (13:00) – Accessibility and inclusion track

Hello from the other side – how makers and developers make a FusionDev team – Yannick Reekmans and Luise Freese (11:00) – Power Platform track) 

Approaches to Managing Insider Risk in a work from anywhere world – Graham Hosking and Dan Cousineau (11:30) – Security and compliance track

Feed on knowledge harvested with Viva Topics (even if you are a minnow) – Sara Fennah and Kevin McDonnell (14:00) – Collaboration Track

Planning a career in Power Platform – Alison Mulligan (14:30) – Power Platform track

Working with Templates in Microsoft 365 – Chirag Patel (14:30) – Collaboration track

Modern Work Management in Office 365 – what is the right tool for you and your organisation? – Sam Graber (14:30) – Collaboration track

AI Builder in Action! – Marco Rocca (16:00) – Data and AI track

How I found luck – Keith Whatling (17:00) – Where Keith is going, he don't need no track

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