Show 39 – Part 2: Using Viva to build habits, practices and rituals?

What are your big habits, good or bad? Do you switch off effectively at the end of each day? Do you make time to do the work you need to do? In Show 39, Kevin, Al and Garry discuss the ways that Microsoft Viva can help you to build up habits, practices and rituals and we also cover what is meant by those three things too!

  • What are habits, practices and rituals?
  • What routines does Viva help you build?
  • What routines does Viva help your organisation build?

 Useful links

Difference between rituals and ceremonies

Routines: The Unexpected Power of Habits, Practices, and Rituals | Jan Stanley | TEDxBeloit

A ceremony is a group thing, a ritual is an individual thing

Alan Eardley  – Why Microsoft To Do is good for your mental health

Photo by Corey Agopian on Unsplash

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