Scottish Summit 2022 – Rory Neary – Mental Health, You and Me, and the Power Platform – YouTube

We’re all recognising the importance of mental health in this new post-pandemic world. And this session is highly likely to be relevant to either you or somebody that you know.
I suffer from Generalised Anxiety Disorder (It’s a thing, I didn’t just make it up😀) , but somehow it hasn’t stopped me from being successful in this space.

In this interactive session we’ll explore the following:-
– how it has impacted my journey to the Power Platform
– how it has been significant in persuading me to create Power Platform content
– how I use the platform in a simple way to reduce my stress levels
– how working with the platform can also increase stress levels.

We will also cover coping mechanisms for this type of stress.

How we manage our mental health both now and in the future is critical to helping us be happy and successful. If I can help just one person with this session, then I’d consider it a success, and that could be you, a colleague or it might even be me!


Author: Scottish Summit

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